Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Act 2016: consultation on regulations

Consultation seeking views on secondary legislation and further policy to support the new private residential tenancy.


1 The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 includes provisions to transfer private rented housing cases, including those relating to tenancy agreements and evictions, from the Courts to the First-tier Tribunal Housing and Property Chamber. This transfer is expected to take place in December 2017.

2 Where the Landlord uses a Letting Agent, this notice may be served on the letting agent instead of the landlord.

3 Consumer Prices Index is a measure of Consumer price inflation and is the speed at which the prices of the goods and services bought by households rise or fall. Consumer price inflation is estimated by using price indices. One way to understand a prices index is to think of a very large shopping basket containing all the goods and services bought by households. The prices index estimates changes to the total cost of this basket.

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5 This will be developed once the content of the model agreement has been finalised.

6 Title to be added in due course

7 Scottish Government Statutory Guidance on Satisfactory Provision for Detecting and Warning of Fires

8 Scottish Government Statutory Guidance for the Provision of Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Private Rented Housing.

9 This will be added once the content of the model agreement has been finalised.

10 The requirement to agree this with the recipient in advance and in writing could be met by including clause 4 in the Recommended Model Tenancy Agreement (see page 65 above).


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