Prisoner voting: consultation

The proposal relates to Scottish Parliament and local government elections.

Elections in Wales and Northern Ireland

The Welsh Government has consulted on a package of proposals for electoral reform for Local Government elections and is exploring the options for extending the rights of prisoners to vote in Local Government elections.

The National Assembly for Wales Commission consulted on a package of proposals for reform of the Assembly's electoral and internal arrangements in spring 2018, including whether either the UK Government's or Welsh Government's proposals for prisoner voting should also apply to Assembly elections. Following the consultation, the Llywydd announced that further consideration of the democratic and human rights issues relating to prisoner voting was required. The Commission has invited the Assembly's Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee to consider holding an inquiry to examine the issue of whether prisoners in Wales should be allowed to vote in elections to the National Assembly.

The changes brought forward by UK Government have been implemented for all elections in Northern Ireland.


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