Prisoner voting consultation: analysis of responses

Analysis of the responses to the consultation on prisoner voting.


1. Three individuals submitted two responses. In each case, the response submitted at the later date has been included within the analysis.

2. This includes 22 respondents whose comments at Question 6 are covered in the analysis presented here.

3. Four respondents did not answer Question 1 and went on to make a comment at Question 2. Five respondents answered 'yes' at Question 1 and went on to make a comment at Question 2.

4. Smaller numbers of respondents held other positions or raised other issues. These are covered in the latter stages of the analysis presented here at Question 2.

5. Some remarks made at Question 6 are presented with the analysis here.

6. The Committee recommended that the Scottish Government legislate to remove the ban on prisoner voting in its entirety. The Committee's report is available at:

7. Comments made about restrictions based on the type of offence are covered below under views Option 3.

8. The consultation paper explains that fixing the threshold at 12 months or less would be consistent with the distinction within the Scottish criminal justice system between the sentencing powers of courts of summary jurisdiction and courts of solemn jurisdiction.

9. Please note that as no specific questions were asked about alternative options any views expressed should not be seen as indicative of the overall views of those responding to the consultation.

10. Other comments tended to reiterate a view (as covered in the analysis at Question 2) either that there should be no change to prisoners' voting rights or that there should be a full franchise.

11. As noted above, prisoners would be registered to vote by Declaration of Local Connection (DLC) to a previous address or local authority, rather than the prison address.



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