Model code of conduct for members of devolved public bodies: consultation

This consultation presents proposals which will bring about important amendments to the Model Code of Conduct for Members of devolved public bodies since it was last reviewed in 2014.

Section 5: Declaration of Interests

5.1 For each particular matter I am involved in as a board member, I will first consider whether I have a connection to that matter.

5.2 I understand that a connection is any link between the matter being considered and me, or a person or body I am associated with. This could be a family relationship or a social or professional contact.

5.3 A connection includes anything that I have registered as an interest.

5.4 I will declare my connection as an interest at the earliest stage possible in meetings where the objective test is met – that is where a member of the public with knowledge of the relevant facts would reasonably regard my connection to a particular matter as being so significant that it would be considered as being likely to prejudice the discussion or decision-making.

5.5 I will not remain in the meeting nor participate in any way in those parts of meetings where I have declared an interest.

5.6 I will consider whether it is appropriate for transparency reasons to state publicly where I have a connection, which I do not consider amounts to an interest.

5.7 I note that I can apply to the Standards Commission and ask it to grant a dispensation to allow me to take part in the discussion and decision-making on a matter where I would otherwise have to declare an interest and withdraw (as a result of having a connection to the matter that would fall within the objective test). I note that such an application must be made in advance of any meetings where the dispensation is sought and that I can take no part in any discussion or decision-making on the matter in question unless, and until, the application is granted.

5.8 I note that public confidence in a public body is damaged by perception that decisions taken by that body are substantially influenced by factors other than the public interest.  I will not accept a role or appointment if doing so means I will have to declare interests frequently at meetings in respect of my role as a board member.  Similarly, if any appointment or nomination to another body would give rise to objective concern because of my existing personal involvement or affiliations, I will not accept the appointment or nomination.



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