Consultation on new Management Measures on Crab and Lobster Landings into Orkney

A consultation on management proposals for lobster, velvet crab and green crab landed into Orkney. The management measures were developed by Orkney Sustainable Fisheries Ltd, which is part of the Inshore Fisheries Group network.

Background on the Consultation Process

The purpose of this consultation document is to seek the views of those with an interest in shellfish fisheries in Orkney, in order to inform policy decisions. The consultation will last for 12 weeks, commencing on Friday 20 February 2015 with a deadline of Friday 15 May 2015 for responses.

The views and suggestions received in consultation responses will be analysed and fed into the decision making process. Final decisions on the issues under consideration will also take account of a range of other factors, including any other available information and research evidence.

Please send your returns or address any queries to:


Orkney Consultation
Marine Scotland
Area 1B South
Victoria Quay

If you have any queries contact the Inshore Fisheries and Coastal Communities Team on 0131 244 6214.

The Scottish Government may make the responses to this consultation paper available to the public and to the Scottish Parliament. We will acknowledge responses and may publish an analysis of the responses after the consultation. If you respond to this consultation you are requested to complete the enclosed Respondent Information Form attached at Annex A. This will ensure that we handle your response appropriately.


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