Long-term management of the crown estate in Scotland: analysis of consultation responses

Summary report on the responses to the consultation on the long-term management of the crown estate in Scotland.

Annex 2: Further Devolution Opportunities (reproduced from Box 10, page 22 of consultation document)

Functions that could potentially be further devolved to councils or communities

  • Foreshore rights
  • Leasing for wave and tidal energy out to 1nm, 3nm or 12nm
  • Land in local authority operated ports
  • Non-operational ports and jetties

Functions that may be better managed at the national level

  • Offshore renewable leasing (12 - 200nm zone)
  • Rights over cables and pipelines (which can transcend national borders within the UK)
  • Other seabed rights (12 - 200nm zone) - gas storage rights, mineral rights (not hydrocarbons)
  • Rights to naturally occurring gold and silver
  • Reserved mining rights

Functions that need more consideration

  • The rural estates - Applegirth, Fochabers, Glenlivet and Whitehill estates
  • Urban property - principally at George St, Edinburgh
  • Offshore wind leasing in the 0-12nm zone
  • Aquaculture (may need mechanisms for management of conflicts of interest)
  • Salmon fishing rights, possibly retained as part of the rural estate or aligned more closely with wider reform of wild fisheries
  • Land in other ports


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