Consultation on the Implementation of Detailed Rules on Electronic Recording and Reporting of Fishing Activities and on Means of Remote Sensing in Scotland

Consultation on the implementation of ERS in Scotland


1.1 This consultation document sets out the Scottish Government proposals for implement Council Regulation 1966/2006 on electronic recording and reporting of fishing activities and on means of remote sensing.

1.2 The Scottish Government has maintained contact with stakeholders and has written to them throughout the drafting of the detailed rules to keep them up-to-date with developments.

1.3 In early discussions with fishermen's groups, some concerns have been expressed about how this Regulation will impact on current practice and the costs associated with its implementation. Many businesses currently use electronic systems as part of their everyday activities. We have sought to develop proposals which can be incorporated within existing electronic systems without undue burden.

1.4 We believe this is a positive measure for all concerned which offers reduction in the burden of administration for fishing businesses. The Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency who will be provided with daily catch reports and for industry who will not longer be required to complete and keep paper logbooks, to hail in and out with catch on board reports for certain fishing areas nor to complete paper landing declarations. There will be a reduction in the administration associated with sales notes and logsheets. We envisage that the proposals also have the potential to assist vessel owners with the onward marketing of their catch and record keeping.

1.5 This consultation is focussed on the proposal for implementation of the Regulation. We will use the outcome of this consultation to assist us in drafting the legislation and Regulatory Impact Assessment to transpose the Council Regulation. The forthcoming Regulations will apply to Scotland only.

1.6 Other Fisheries Administrations in the UK are consulting in similar terms.

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