Terminal illness - definition for the purpose of Disability Assistance - guidance: consultation analysis

Our analysis of responses to the consultation on guidance of the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, on the definition of terminal illness for the purpose of disability assistance, undertaken between 12 February and 19 April 2019.


1. Where respondents gave no closed response, but provided an open response, these were independently reviewed by two analysts and assigned to categories of 'yes', 'no' or 'unsure' for quantitative reporting purposes. Where there was 'no response' it was coded as such.

2. The DS1500 form is used for reserved UK benefits in cases of a progressive disease where death as a consequence of that disease can reasonably be expected within 6 months.

3. GIRFEC is the Scottish Government's approach to supporting children and young people. More information is available at:

4. One respondent suggested that 'Certainty is not required' should be a paragraph on its own in Section 12, as it is in Section 7.

5. Another respondent suggested that links to allow BASRiS forms to be submitted online and/or email addresses should be included at Section 13

6. Another respondent stated that they would hope that all those with a diagnosis of MND would be eligible for a BASRiS and that the diagnosis alone would be sufficient.

7. Another organisation noted that guidance in Section 11 on communication mainly links to resources on talking about dying. As the new benefit is available to people with deteriorating health who may not consider themselves to be 'dying' a suggested links to the HIS Scottish Anticipatory Care programme was made: as well as a link to information on talking about anticipatory care planning on the NHS Scotland Effective Communication for Healthcare programme site

8. Only one respondent noted that, as a small percentage of the general population will be affected by this change, a wider public information campaign may perhaps be less prescient.

9. The respondent specifically suggested a link to the EC4H site:



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