Consultation on the Fair Isle Demonstration and Research MPA Proposal

The first Demonstration and Research MPA proposal has been developed by the Fair Isle Marine Environment and Tourism Initiative (FIMETI) on behalf of all residents of Fair Isle for Fair Isle.

Appendix B - Consultation Questions

To provide your response please visit:

Citizen Space [11]

1. Do you support the designation of the Fair Isle Demonstration and Research MPA? Please explain.

Yes ◘ No ◘

2. Do you agree that the proposal successfully meets the requirements of the Marine (Scotland) Act and MPA Selection Guidelines for designation? Please explain.

Yes ◘ No ◘

3. Do you have a view on the review period that should be applied for consideration of the success of the designation to fulfil its aims and objectives. Please provide reasons for your preference.

12 years ◘ 18 years ◘ Other ◘

4. Do you have any comments on the socioeconomic assessment of the proposal? Please explain.

Yes ◘ No ◘

5. Do you have any other comments relevant to this proposal? Please explain.

Yes ◘ No ◘

Thank You.


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