Consultation on the Draft British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan 2017-2023: EasyRead version

We are seeking views on improving public services for BSL users.


About this Survey

The Scottish Government and the Minister responsible for British Sign Language want to know what you think of this draft British Sign Language National Plan 2017 to 2023.

Throughout this document British Sign Language will be referred to as BSL.

Three British Sign Language (BSL) Users

A group of people called the BSL National Advisory Group have been working together to help develop this Plan.

A group of people called the British Sign Language (BSL) Users

This Plan will set the rules for all national bodies in Scotland. This includes the Scottish Government.

The Plan

A national body works with the Scottish Government to help the Government meets its aims.

The Governments Target

The Plan has ten goals that the Scottish Government want to reach over a long time.

This Plan sets out what the goals are over the next six years, from 2017 to 2023.

The Plans between 2017 to 2023

Other Plans will be made for the future to meet all the goals the Scottish Government has in mind.

The Scottish Government want to know what you think about the goals they have set.

They want to know if you think they are the right goals and if you think the goals can be achieved.

Two people voicing their answer

There are some questions for you to answer.

The goals are set out in different sections. Please read each section and answer the questions at the end of each section.

Tell us what you think

Please answer them if you can

How to tell us what you think

The closing date for this survey is 31 May 2017

Closing date 31st May 2017


To respond online, please use the Scottish Government's Consultation Hub, Citizen Space

Laptop, online

Respond in BSL

If you want to respond in BSL you can use the following options:

Youtube or Vimeo

Upload your videos and paste the website link into the Citizen Space consultation or into an email

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Post your videos on this public Facebook page

other people will see your responses

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Send us an email with links to videos of your responses



Send your responses in English or in BSL on a DVD or USB to:

Hilary Third
The Equality Unit
Area 3H-North
Victoria Quay
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Email: Hilary Third

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