Disability assistance in Scotland: response to consultation

Our response to the consultation analysis report about the consultation on disability assistance undertaken between 5 March and 28 May 2019.

7. Next Steps

We will use this consultation to inform and refine our thinking on our policy proposals in developing:

  • the rules for each form of Disability Assistance;
  • the application processes required for delivery Disability Assistance by Social Security Scotland;
  • guidance for making decisions Case Managers, Specialist Advisors and Assessors; and
  • training for Social Security Scotland staff involved in delivery Disability Assistance.

This consultation is not the end of our engagement around these issues. We will continue to engage on social security using the Experience Panels, as well as key groups, including:

  • Disability and Carers Benefits Expert Advisory Group;
  • Joint Ministerial Working Group on Welfare;
  • Agency Operations Reference Group;
  • Short-Life Working Group on Terminal Illness for Disability Assistance; and
  • Terminal Illness Stakeholder Reference Group (SHRG).

In addition, the Scottish Commission on Social Security will have a role to play in scrutinising the rules set out in Regulations.

We are talking to and – importantly - listening to many individuals, organisations and groups with direct and personal experience of the welfare system. We are designing our new service using evidence. We are testing everything that we do with the people who will use or interact with it to make sure we get it right.



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