Consultation on the design of the Scottish Household Survey (SHS) for 2017 and beyond

The Scottish Government requires to make savings on the Scottish Household Survey (SHS)2017. Savings of the level sought cannot be achieved without significant changes to the design of the SHS. The Scottish Government is consulting on a number of options to achieve the required level of savings for SHS 2017. Respondents' views will also be used to inform the design of SHS 2018-2021.

Your consultation responses and decision making on future SHS surveys

The consultation questions are included in Annex B. Instructions on how to respond to the consultation, including the deadline of Tuesday 19th April, are included in Annex C. Please remember to return your Respondent Information Form in Annex D with your response.

All responses will be analysed by the SHS team and will be considered by the Scottish Government and the SHS Steering Group in order to inform decisions taken on SHS 2017 and future SHS surveys. For SHS 2018 - 2021, issues around continuity of the survey will be considered as far as possible when making decisions on its design and the specification for SHS 2018-2021 procurement (subject to sign off by Scottish Ministers).


Email: Pat Cairns

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