Consumer duty for public bodies: consultation

This consultation is to help focus and support the delivery of a duty on specified public authorities to consider the impact of their policies on consumers.

9. Consultation Questions

Question 1 – Public Authorities Bound by the Duty

(a) Do you agree that the Consumer Duty should be applied to the organisations proposed in the public authorities section of this consultation?

(b) If not, which public authorities should be excluded, and why?

(c) Are there any public authorities you feel should be bound by the duty which have not been listed, please give reasons why?

Question 2 – Functions in Scope

(a) Should public bodies be subject to the duty when carrying out all of their functions or only specified functions?

(b) If all functions, why?

(c) If just specified functions, how should these be determined?

Question 3 – Reporting and Governance

(a) Do you have any comments on the reporting requirements of the duty, which will help to ensure public authorities meet the conditions?

(b) What further key considerations or consultation do you think is required to ensure that the governance and reporting structures suit public bodies?



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