Consultation Analysis Report on a proposed Bill relating to burial and cremation and other matters in Scotland

Consultation Analysis Report of Responses


1 The Scottish Government published a consultation paper on 26 January 2015 on a proposed Bill relating to burial and cremation and other related matters in Scotland. The consultation paper set out a range of policy proposals designed to improve the processes used for burial and cremation. The majority of the proposals were based on recommendations made by the Burial and Cremation Review Group ("the Group") and the Infant Cremation Commission ("the Commission"), while others were related issues which were not necessarily addressed in any detail by the Group or the Commission but which warranted consideration in the consultation paper. These include the regulation of the funeral industry and the cost of funerals.

2 The Burial and Cremation Review Group was established in 2005, and considered ways to improve procedures after a death. The Group's recommendations were published in 2007[1], and many have already been implemented in the Certification of Death (Scotland) Act 2011. The remaining recommendations to improve the practices relating to burial and cremation were considered by this this consultation.

3 The Infant Cremation Commission was convened to recommend improvements to the processes involved in the cremation of babies and infants. This was in response to historical poor practices at a number of crematoria across Scotland. The Commission made 64 recommendations.[2]

4 More background on the work of the Group and the Commission can be found in the consultation paper, along with more context to the consultation.


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