Consultation Analysis Report - Care Act 2014 Cross-border Placement and Provider Failure regulations

This report presents the views expressed by respondents in Scotland to the consultation introducing regulations in support of the Care Act 2014.

Chapter 2 : Method

Process overview

2.2 The formal consultation took place between 9 June and 18 August 2014. Individuals and organisations were invited to submit written responses to the document Consultation on the Draft Regulations relating to the Care Act 2014.


2.3 The Scottish Government promoted the consultation on its website and invited written responses to the consultation paper from all sections of society in Scotland. In particular, from those groups and organisations with a specific interest in health and social care. A copy of the consultation questionnaire can be found in Annex 1.

2.4 The consultation document and information on the consultation process were available on the Scottish Government website. This included an Easy Read version of the document. Paper copies including larger print and Braille versions of the consultation document were made available on request.

2.5 The consultation document was distributed to a wide range of stakeholders including Local Authorities, third and independent sector, professional organisation/bodies and equality groups.

2.6 The written responses were submitted directly to the Scottish Government via email. Those responding were given three options regarding confidentiality of their response (confidential; keeping their name but not response confidential; and not confidential). Those who did not fill in any option had their responses treated as confidential. A total of 9 responses were received by the Scottish Government. The respondents were categorised into organisational or group responses, with 5 categories to describe group role or interest in health and social care (see chapter 3, section 3.2, for a profile of the respondents).

Data analysis

2.7 The consultation document contained three questions seeking views on the drafted regulations. Each question asked directly whether the legislation was effective and their views on the current drafting. As such the analysis includes qualitative data derived from the views of the respondents.


2.8 This chapter has outlined the methods used in the consultation. The remainder of this report sets out the views of respondents to the consultation, with chapter 3 reporting on the views expressed in the written responses.


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