Cancer strategy: consultation analysis

Responses to our consultation on a new cancer strategy which sought views on areas to prioritise in relation to cancer prevention, management and care. Responses were analysed in order to provide a transparent evidence base to the government.

Appendix B: Glossary

Hub and spoke model: (as appearing in consultation responses) A central service 'hub' with 'spokes' (branches) coming off into local communities to make services more accessible in rural and island areas.

Palliative care (end of life care): Making a patient with an illness that cannot be cured as comfortable as possible by managing their pain and other distressing symptoms. Palliative care also involves psychological, social and spiritual support for the patient, their family and/or carers.[9]

Postcode lottery: A situation in which access to a type of medical treatment depends on which part of the country one lives in.[10]

Prehabilitation (prehab): Activities that prepare a patient for a medical operation in order to improve their physical strength and help them to recover more quickly after the operation.[11]

Rehabilitation (rehab): Supporting a patient return to a healthy or good way of life after they have been very ill.[12]

Secondary cancer (metastasis): When a cancer that started in one place in the body then spreads elsewhere. The place in the body where a cancer first starts is the 'primary cancer'.[13]



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