Private rented housing condition standards: consultation assessment (part two)

Partial business and regulatory impact assessment (BRIA) of our consultation on efficiency and condition standards.

3. Consultation

Within Scottish Government

Two virtual forums were set up to consider how best to take forward the commitment in the Sustainable Housing Strategy to publish proposals for a common cross-tenure housing standard. The Scottish Government Forum included members from across a range of policy areas including Building Standards, Water quality, Health Protection and Agricultural Holdings, the Scottish Housing Regulator and Historic Scotland were also represented on the group. Members were invited to comment on a range of topics and comments received helped inform the final proposals set out in part 2 of the joint consultation.

Business / Stakeholders

Membership of the Stakeholder Forum which ran along-side the Scottish Government Forum included a wide range of interests, it included representatives from Scottish Land and Estates, Scotland's Housing Network, Scottish Association of Landlords, Electrical Safety First, National Federation of Roofing Contractors, City of Edinburgh Council and other interested parties. Members of this group were also invited to comment on a range of topics, valuable contributions from several stakeholders have helped inform the final proposals set out in part 2 of the joint consultation.

Public Consultation

This BRIA will be published along-side the joint consultation as outlined in paragraph one. It will support part 2 - Condition of Rented Housing in Scotland and provide members of the public with the opportunity to submit comments during the consultation period. Comments received will inform how the proposals will be taken forward.


Email: Agnes Meany

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