Community justice outcomes - improvement planning and reporting: statutory guidance

Statutory guidance that supports community justice partners to understand their roles and responsibilities arising from the Community Justice (Scotland) Act 2016.

5. Reporting on performance

Under section 23 of the Act, a report on performance in achieving the outcomes in the CJOIP must be prepared by the partners each year. The annual report on progress is to cover the 12 month period from 1 April to 31 March and should be published no later than 31 December each year. A copy of this report must also be sent to Community Justice Scotland as soon as is practicable following publication.

In the report, the partners must:

1. Set out what action has been taken to achieve or maintain achievement of each national determined outcome as well as any locally determined outcomes.

2. Assess their performance against each outcome, reporting on whether they have been achieved or the extent to which they have been achieved. This analysis should be made with reference to any associated national indicators included in the framework and any additional indicators agreed in relation to locally determined outcomes which may have been developed. Partners should refer to the Performance Framework and accompanying Guidance and Technical Notes regarding use of national indicators.

In preparing the performance report, the partners are required to consult relevant third sector bodies involved in community justice, community bodies and others as they consider appropriate.

The annual performance report that is prepared by partners is not to be confused with the performance report that Community Justice Scotland is required to produce annually under section 27 of the Act. As part of the requirements of section 27, Community Justice Scotland must consult with each of the partners. It may also make reasonable requests for information from them to fulfil its reporting duties (as it can in relation to any of its statutory functions).



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