Code of Guidance on Homelessness

Tackling homelessness is central to the Scottish Executive’s strategy for providing routes out of poverty and disadvantage and promoting economic inclusion. We have put in place forward-looking and ambitious policies to prevent and alleviate homelessness,

Annex C - Summary of links to documents and organisations

Paragraph 1.2 - the final report of the Homelessness Task Force is at

Paragraph 1.2 - the latest annual report of the Homelessness Monitoring Group is at

Paragraph 1.11 and 3.19 - Communities Scotland Guide to Inspections and Performance Standards is at

Paragraphs 2.4 and 10.3 - link to statutory Guidance on national standards for advice and information

Paragraphs 2.4 and 4.12 - link to HomePoint national standards for housing advice and information is at

Paragraph 2.39 - CIH guidance on housing sex offenders is at

Paragraph 2.42 - "Supporting Young People Leaving Care in Scotland: Regulations and Guidance on Services for Young People Looked After by Local Authorities" is at

Paragraph 2.49 - Guidance for local authorities on housing for ex-service personnel is not on the Internet so please contact the Homelessness Team, Scottish Executive for a hard copy.

Paragraph 2.52 - Communities Scotland thematic study on evictions is at

Paragraph 2.59 - Guidance to Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2004 is at

Paragraph 2.68 - Guidance on Scottish Secure and Short Scottish Secure Tenancies ( SEDD circular 6/2002) is at

Paragraph 2.70 - Guidance on closure notices is at

Paragraph 2.75 - Explanatory booklet on Mortgage Rights (Scotland) Act 2001 is at

Paragraph 2.95 - Further information on health and homelessness issues can be accessed at

Paragraph 3.9 - Link to information on training on Data Protection Act by CIH is at

Paragraph 3.19 - link to Care Commission National Care Standards is at

Paragraph 4.48 - link to Scottish Executive Guidance on Single Shared Assessment of Community Care Needs, 2001; Circular No: CCD 8/2001 is at

Paragraph 9.62 - link to statutory guidance on the "Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 - Housing Lists and Allocations" issued in February 2002 is at

Paragraph 9.66 - link to statutory guidance on section 5 referrals from LA to s and what constitutes a good reason for refusal is at

Paragraph 9.68 - link to Communities Scotland's Guidance Note on Homelessness Arbitration (CSGN2002/12) can be found on this page:

Paragraph 9.72 - information on model protocol between s and LAs can be found at

Appendix 13B guidance from on new categories of humanitarian protection and discretionary leave.

Appendix 13E: Link to Annex 22 of English Code of Guidance and test for habitual residence:

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