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Code of Guidance on Homelessness

Published: 31 May 2005

Tackling homelessness is central to the Scottish Executive’s strategy for providing routes out of poverty and disadvantage and promoting economic inclusion. We have put in place forward-looking and ambitious policies to prevent and alleviate homelessness,

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Code of Guidance on Homelessness
Annex C - Summary of links to documents and organisations

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Annex C - Summary of links to documents and organisations

Paragraph 1.2 - the final report of the Homelessness Task Force is at

Paragraph 1.2 - the latest annual report of the Homelessness Monitoring Group is at

Paragraph 1.11 and 3.19 - Communities Scotland Guide to Inspections and Performance Standards is at

Paragraphs 2.4 and 10.3 - link to statutory Guidance on national standards for advice and information

Paragraphs 2.4 and 4.12 - link to HomePoint national standards for housing advice and information is at

Paragraph 2.39 - CIH guidance on housing sex offenders is at

Paragraph 2.42 - "Supporting Young People Leaving Care in Scotland: Regulations and Guidance on Services for Young People Looked After by Local Authorities" is at

Paragraph 2.49 - Guidance for local authorities on housing for ex-service personnel is not on the Internet so please contact the Homelessness Team, Scottish Executive for a hard copy.

Paragraph 2.52 - Communities Scotland thematic study on evictions is at

Paragraph 2.59 - Guidance to Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2004 is at

Paragraph 2.68 - Guidance on Scottish Secure and Short Scottish Secure Tenancies ( SEDD circular 6/2002) is at

Paragraph 2.70 - Guidance on closure notices is at

Paragraph 2.75 - Explanatory booklet on Mortgage Rights (Scotland) Act 2001 is at

Paragraph 2.95 - Further information on health and homelessness issues can be accessed at

Paragraph 3.9 - Link to information on training on Data Protection Act by CIH is at

Paragraph 3.19 - link to Care Commission National Care Standards is at

Paragraph 4.48 - link to Scottish Executive Guidance on Single Shared Assessment of Community Care Needs, 2001; Circular No: CCD 8/2001 is at

Paragraph 9.62 - link to statutory guidance on the "Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 - Housing Lists and Allocations" issued in February 2002 is at

Paragraph 9.66 - link to statutory guidance on section 5 referrals from LA to s and what constitutes a good reason for refusal is at

Paragraph 9.68 - link to Communities Scotland's Guidance Note on Homelessness Arbitration (CSGN2002/12) can be found on this page:

Paragraph 9.72 - information on model protocol between s and LAs can be found at

Appendix 13B guidance from on new categories of humanitarian protection and discretionary leave.

Appendix 13E: Link to Annex 22 of English Code of Guidance and test for habitual residence: