Homelessness: code of guidance

Code of guidance to help guide local authorities in their duties to assist people who are threatened with or who are experiencing homelessness.

Chapter 12: Local Authorities' Duties Towards Persons Subject to Immigration Control and Persons from EEA Member States

12.1 This chapter has been deleted as it is out of date. New guidance was issued[49] by COSLA in February 2019 which sets out the current legal framework and good practice to assist local authorities in meeting their statutory duties and delivering an effective social work response when working with people who have no recourse to public funds (NRPF). Local authorities also have wider responsibilities to support the integration of migrants and asylum seekers and to promote good relations within their communities. They are expected to act to reduce poverty, homelessness and discrimination experienced by anyone living in their local areas. The guidance therefore seeks to provide additional advice on responses that may be needed in circumstances where migrants are at risk of homelessness.


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