Clinical and care governance framework: guidance

Guidance on the key elements and principles to be reflected in local clinical and care governance of integrated health and social care arrangements.

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Annex D: Existing Guidance on Governance and Accountability

Nursing and Midwifery Professional Assurance Framework for Scotland (2014).
Scottish Executive Nurse Directors & Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland.

Codes of Practice for Social Service Workers and Employers (2014)
Scottish Social Services Council

Governance for Healthcare Quality in Scotland - An Agreement. (2013)
Scottish Government Health Directorates

Governance for Quality Social Care in Scotland - An Agreement. (2013).
Social Work Scotland - available via the Social Work Scotland website

Practice Governance Framework: Responsibility and Accountability in Social Work Practice (2011)

The Role of the Chief Social Work Officer (2010)
Scottish Government

The Role of Registered Social Worker in Statutory Interventions: Guidance for local authorities (2010)
Scottish Government

Governance for Joint Services. Principles and Advice. (2007)
COSLA, Audit Scotland and Scottish Government.

NHS HDL (2001) 74 Clinical Governance Arrangements.
Scottish Executive

NHS MEL (2000) 29 Clinical Governance.
Scottish Executive

NHS MEL (1998)75 Clinical Governance
Scottish Executive



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