Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill: business and regulatory impact assessment

This BRIA analyses the likely costs and benefits to businesses and public bodies of the Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill.


1. The UK Supreme Court judgment is at

2. The Scottish Government consultation in 2019 is at

3. Details of these interviews can be found at

4. The current fees for entering a civil partnership are at

5. The UK Government is currently working on legislation to introduce mixed sex civil partnership in England and Wales.

6. The New Zealand statistics are at (Please see tables 6 and 7 at the second link).

7. This figure of 75 does not quite tally with the figures of 30 and 48. Stats NZ indicate that the data on civil unions "has been randomly rounded to protect confidentiality. Individual figures may not add up to totals and values for the same data may vary in different tables"




11. Please see table 7.01b

12. The UK Government's Impact Assessment is at

13. "OSCP" is an abbreviation used by the UK Government. It stands for "opposite sex civil partnership"

14. More details are on the Scottish Public Pension Agency website:

15. The UK Supreme Court decision in Walker v Innospec is at

16. Please see paragraph 78 of the UK Government's "Next Steps" document on civil partnerships:




20. The methodology for the UK Government's calculations is on page 14 of the UK Government Impact Assessment.

21. (see table 5)

22. Ibid (See tables 6 and 7)

23. Ibid (see tables 9 and 10)

24. Guidance on the simplified procedures for divorce and dissolution can be found on the SCTS website:

25. Advice and assistance (A&A) can help with the costs of getting legal advice from a solicitor, like information on rights and options or help with negotiations and paperwork



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