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Civil Law Statistics in Scotland 2012-13

Published: 24 Mar 2014
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Civil law is concerned with the rights and obligations of people and organisations. One way of resolving civil law disputes between people and organisations is for a case to be brought to court. In Scotland civil law cases are usually conducted in a sheriff court or the Court of Session. Common types of cases where civil law is used include debt, divorce and claims for personal injury.

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Civil Law Statistics in Scotland 2012-13


1. The numbers of divorce cases initiated derive from the same aggregate data source as the other statistics in this publication and provide information on caseloads at courts. The statistics presented on granted divorces in the Supplementary Tables on Divorces and Dissolutions in Scotland are based on individual records updated on an on-going basis, and enable the detailed breakdown of cases granted by grounds, age, duration, marital status, celebration method and gender. Both data sources are recorded by the Scottish Court Service but differences in the timing and processing of the two extracts result in the case volumes not being directly comparable.

2. Axa General Insurance & Others v the Lord Advocate, October 2011


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