Citizens' Assembly of Scotland - Doing Politics Differently report: Scottish Government response

Our response to the report of the Citizens' Assembly of Scotland report 'Doing Politics Differently'.

Ministerial Foreword

It is a great honour to present the Scottish Government's full response to the first Citizens' Assembly of Scotland.

The work of the Citizens' Assembly was truly inspiring in showing how a cross section of our people can come together, learn together, debate and even argue together, then, with respect to all involved, together decide what is important to them for the future of our nation.

And what a vision they have presented to us. Addressing poverty; strengthening a sustainable economy through research, technology and lifelong learning; supporting a strong health service; meeting the needs of our young people and ensuring our mental wellbeing; all underpinned by a fully informed, fully engaged, fully involved people.

The Assembly has described itself as a "mini Scotland". That mini Scotland has produced a report to be proud of, and one whose scale and ambition challenges all of us in politics and across society.

This response from the Scottish Government sets out the plans we already have in the areas the Assembly has identified for action. But the Assembly's vision goes beyond the immediate plans of this government to the long term future of us all, a future I believe we can achieve if we take up the invitation to do politics differently.

George Adam MSP
Minister for Parliamentary Business



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