School age childcare delivery framework: child rights and wellbeing screening

Child rights and wellbeing impact assessment (CRWIA) screening has been completed for the School Age Childcare Delivery Framework 2023 as a supporting measure to determine whether a CRWIA is required.

5. Is a Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment required?

Please state if a CRWIA will be carried out or not. Please explain your reasons.

A CRWIA is not required as the Delivery Framework will not set out any changes to policy or set out detailed delivery or implementation plans for a system of school age childcare. The Delivery Framework is therefore not expected to have any impacts, either directly or indirectly, on children and young people.

Individual projects within the School Age Childcare Programme will implement their own processes for Impact Assessments. Projects will ensure that consultation with stakeholders (including with children where appropriate) is embedded into their programme of work, in order to reflect and record any impacts on children and young people (especially those with protected characteristics). As such, formal programme- level or policy-level impact assessments will be considered and developed where necessary.



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