Child Protection Improvement Programme report

Report on the key messages and next steps of the Child Protection Improvement Programme.


1. The role of the Solicitor in the Children's Hearings System - CELCIS 2016

2. Daniel, B., Burgess, C. & Scott, J. (2012) Review of Child Neglect in Scotland, Scottish Government

3. The Evidence and Procedures Review - Scottish Court Service, March 2015

4. Page 9 of the Care Inspectorate Report

5. The Scottish Leaders Forum ( SLF) is a network of leaders at the heart of public services in Scotland. They meet to discuss and collaborate on the important policy issues facing Scotland. The SLF collaborates, shares, and improves on co-produced outcomes across all public services for the people of Scotland.

6. The landscape of child protection research in the UK. A mapping review of studies of child abuse and neglect in all 4 nations of the United Kingdom (2015)


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