Care Home Data Review: questionnaire response data

Respondent data from the Care Home Data Review questionnaire.

Key response information

Types of Organisation

This chart shows the organisations that the respondents represented. It was possible for a respondent to represent multiple organisations. The results are as follows: Care Home 16, Health and Social Care Partnership 5, University/Research 3, NHS Health Board 3, Other public sector organisation 7.

  •  the questionnaire received 45 responses
  •  these were not a random sample but instead reflects the views of those who filled in the questionnaire
  •  care homes and Health and Social Care Partnerships provided the majority of responses (16 and 15, respectively)

Data Providers and Users

This chart shows the number individuals who were data users only, data providers only and data users and providers that filled in the questionnaire. There were 15 data providers, 15 data users and 15 data users and providers.

  •   there was an even split between data users, data providers, and those who both provide and use data, with 15 responses from each of these groups
  •   30 responses (67% of all responses) came from data users, and 30 responses (67% of all responses) were from data providers

This chart shows the breakdown of the organisation chart by whether the individual was a data user, data provider or both. Care Homes and HSCP’s had respondents in all three categories. Scottish Government and University /research orgs were solely data users.

  •  care homes and HSCP's had respondents in all three categories. Scottish Government and University / research orgs were solely data users




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