Care in the Digital Age: delivery plan 2022 to 2023

The national delivery plan describes activities supporting Health Boards, HSCPs, local authorities, primary care, social care, social work, and care providers to offer new or improved services, whether through improved systems and infrastructure, or access to digital services.

Preparing for the Future – Laying the Foundations for Future National Delivery Plans

This Delivery Plan focuses on what is becoming available for people (whether patients, service users or staff that provide care) to use in 2022 and 2023. There is, however, no shortage of future options for new, enhanced digitally enabled services, products and tools that improve people's experience of health and care services. All the activities highlighted so far have gone through extensive design, development, evaluation and decision-making processes so that we can be confident that we are delivering the right priorities across Scotland.

We have a robust process for innovating new products, trying them out in real life, and deciding what works. Many promising apps, products and devices are assessed as not being suitable for wider use. We also have to ensure that any product meets a variety of legal requirements, including ensuring people's data is properly protected and that they fully align with accessibility standards. A new 'Accelerated National Innovation Adoption' (ANIA) pathway has been developed, hosted by the Centre for Sustainable Delivery, which has been designed to create a robust process for assessing evidence and value cases for adoption, with an Innovation Design Authority providing oversight and governance to make recommendations on what is considered 'ready for adoption'.

The Delivery Plan for 2023-24 will be developed based on the results and anticipated benefits of candidate programmes; available resources; the ANIA innovation pipeline; and prioritisation by NHS Scotland's Chief Executives' Group, the Strategic Portfolio Board for Digital Health and Care, and the Scottish Government's Health and Social Care Management Board.



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