Business Purpose Commission report: Scottish Government response

The Business Purpose Commission for Scotland published its report, “Now is the time for purpose: putting purpose at the heart of Scottish business”, on 28 June 2022. This publication is our response to the recommendations made to the Scottish Government in the Commission's report.


The business case for Business Purpose is well evidenced and the challenges and opportunities for Scotland are stated clearly and convincingly in the Commission's Report. As the country moves from crisis to crisis, persistent shocks to the economy and the subsequent pressures facing business and society are a reminder that waiting for the right time to act is elusive. It must be now.

We support a swift uptake of the business purpose agenda within existing policies, strategies, business support delivery structures and initiatives where possible. We commit to continued engagement with the business purpose agenda and look ahead to the beneficial, long-term gains for the economy, society, and planet, in the growth of purposeful companies in Scotland to 2030 and beyond.



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