Building standards technical handbook 2022: non-domestic

Guidance on achieving the standards set in the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004. This handbook applies to a building warrant submitted on or after 1 June 2022 and to building work which does not require a warrant commenced from that date.

Other Publications

Table Appendix B.6. Section 0 - General

Title Reference Publisher Section
Section 0 - General      

EU Construction Products Regulation and CE marking, including UK product contact point for construction products

- Department for Communities and Local Government 0

Table Appendix B.7. Section 1 - Structure

Title Reference Publisher Section
Section 1 - Structure      
Appraisal of existing structures (2009). - Institution of Structural Engineers. 1
Design guidance for disproportionate collapse - UK Timber Frame Association 1
Dynamic performance requirements for permanent grandstands subject to crowd action. Recommendations for management design and assessment (2008). - Institution of Structural Engineers. 1
Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds, Fifth Edition (2008). - The Stationary Office 1, 2
How to design concrete buildings to satisfy disproportionate collapse requirements. - The Concrete Centre 1
Masonry Design for Disproportionate collapse Requirement under Regulation A3 of the Building Regulations (England and Wales). - Brick Development Association 1
Natural stone masonry in modern Scottish construction - Scottish Stone Liaison Group 1
Small Buildings Structural Guidance (2010). - Scottish Government 1
Temporary demountable structures - Guidance on procurement, design and use (2007). - Institution of Structural Engineers. 1
The Building Regulations 2004 Edition- England and Wales- Requirement A- Disproportionate Collapse - NHBC 1

Table Appendix B.8. Section 2 - Fire

Title Reference Publisher Section
A simplified approach to alternative fire safety strategies (2010) - Scottish Government 2
Code of Practice on Sprinklers in Schools - British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association 2
Construction Products Directive, as amended by CE Marking Directive (93/68/EEC) and Fixing and use of CE Marks Directive (93/465/EEC) 89/106/EEC EC 2
Defect Action Sheet (Design), Housing Defects Prevention Unit (1985) DAS8 Building Research Establishment 2
Design, Construction, Specification and Fire Management of Insulated Envelopes for Temperature Controlled Environments (2008). - International Association of Cold storage Construction (European Division) 2
Design methodologies for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (1999). BR 368 Building Research Establishment 2
EC Commission Decision 2000/147/EC on 8.2.00 implementing Council Directive 89/106/EEC 2000/147/EC EC 2
EC Commission Decision 2000/367/EC on 3.5.00 implementing Council Directive 89/106/EEC 2000/367/EC EC 2
EC Commission Decision 94/611/EC implementing Council Directive 89/106/EEC 94/611/EC EC 2
EC Commission Decision 96/603/EC implementing Council Directive 89/106/EEC 96/603/EC EC 2
External Fire Spread: Building Separation and Boundary Distances (1991) BR 187 Building Research Establishment 2
Firecode, Edition 3, NHS Scotland Property and Environment Forum (2003) - NHS Scotland 2

Fire Performance of external thermal insulation for walls of multi-storey buildings (2013)

BR 135

Building Research Establishment

Fire Performance of Green Roofs and Walls (2013)   Department of Communities and Local Government 2
Fire safe design: A new approach to multi-storey steel framed buildings (2000) P288 Steel Construction Institute 2
Guide for Practitioners 6 - Conversion of traditional buildings (2007) - Historic Scotland 2
Guide to Undertaking Technical Assessments of Fire Performance of Construction Products Based on Fire Test Evidence (2021) -

Passive Fire Protection Forum

Hardware for Fire and Escape Doors - Issue 4: (2012) - Door and Hardware Federation and the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers 2
International Fire Engineering Guidelines 2005 - Australian Building Codes Board 2
Loss Prevention Council - Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2009 (Incorporating BS EN 12845) - LPC 2
Safety signs and signals: Guidance on Regulations - The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996. - Health and Safety Executive 2
Single storey steel frame buildings in fire boundary conditions (2002). P313 Steel Construction Institute 2
Smoke shafts protecting fire-fighting shafts: their performance and design (2002). - Building Research Establishment 2
Technical memorandum TM19 (1995) - Chartered Institute of Building services 2
Vehicle finishing units fire and explosion hazards, Guidance Note (1981) PM25 Health and Safety Executive 2

Table Appendix B.9. Section 3 - Environment

Title Reference Publisher Section
Achieving air tightness GBG 67 Building Research Establishment 3
Advice on Flues for Modern Open Flued Oil Fired Boilers (2001) Technical Book 3 Oil Firing Technical Association 3
Air Supply Requirements (2001) Technical Book 3 Oil Firing Technical Association 3
Assessment of the risk of environmental damage being caused by spillage from domestic oil storage tanks (1999) Technical Book 3 Oil Firing Technical Association 3
CIBSE Guide B: 1986: section B2 (1986) - Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers 3
Code of practice for ground floor, multi-storey and underground car parks, section 4 (1994) - Association for Petroleum and Explosive Administration 3
Contaminants in soils, collation of toxicological data and intake values for humans CLR9 Environment Agency 3
Contaminated land exposure assessment (CLEA) model, technical basis and algorithms CRL10 Environment Agency 3
Continuous mechanical ventilation in dwellings: design, installation and operation (1994) Digest 398 Building Research Establishment 3
Control of legionella bacteria in water systems - approved code of practice HSE L8 Health and Safety Executive 3
Dangerous Substances Directive 76/464/EEC EC 3
Design Guidance on Flood Damage to Dwellings (1996) - Scottish Executive 3
Development and Flood Risk C624 CIRIA 3
Development of Contaminated Land - Planning Advice Note PAN 33 Scottish Executive 3
Drainage Assessment: a guide for Scotland - SEPA 3
Fire Protection of Oil Storage Tanks (2001) Technical Book 3 Oil Firing Technical Association 3
Flows and Loads - 2, Code of practice - British Water 3
Garage installations (1999) Technical Book 3 Oil Firing Technical Association 3
Gas installation in timber frame and light steel framed buildings (2006) IGE/UP/7 (Edition 2) Institution of Gas Engineers 3
Good Building Guide, Parts 1 and 2 GBG 42 Building Research Establishment 3
Groundwater Directive 80/68/EEC EC 3
Guidance for the safe development of housing on land affected by contamination (2000) - National House Building Council and Environment Agency 3
Harvesting Rainwater for domestic use:- an information guide - Environment Agency 3
Housing For Varying Needs, 1999 - Communities Scotland 3
Installing Oil Supply Pipes Underground (2001) Technical Book 3 Oil Firing Technical Association 3
Improving the flood performance of new buildings. 2007 - Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) 3
Land contamination risk assessment tools: an evaluation of some of the commonly used methods Technical Report P260 Environment Agency 3
Lifetime Homes Standards - Joseph Rowntree Foundation 3
Mound filter systems for domestic wastewater BR 478 Building Research Establishment 3
National Waste Plan, 1999 - SEPA 3
Non-liquid saturated treatment systems (1999) NSF/ANSI 41-1999 National Sanitation Foundation (USA) 3
Oil fired appliances and extract fans (1996) Technical Book 3 Oil Firing Technical Association 3
Oil Firing Equipment Standard – Flues for use with Oil Fired Boilers with Outputs not above 50 kW (2001) Standard OFS E106 Oil Firing Technical Association 3
Oil Firing Equipment Standard – Steel Oil Storage Tanks and Tank Bunds for use with Distillate Fuels, Lubrication Oils and Waste Oils (2002) Technical Standard OFS T200 Oil Firing Technical Association 3
Oil firing industry technical advice on fire valves Technical Book 3 Oil Firing Technical Association 3
Oil-fired appliance standard heating boilers with atomising burners, output up to 70kW and maximum operating pressures of 3Bar (1998) Applied Standards A100 Oil Firing Technical Association 3
Oil Firing Technical Association Applied Standard OFS A101 Oil Firing Technical Association 3
Passive stack ventilation systems (1994) IP 13/94 Building Research Establishment 3
Performance of building materials in contaminated land (1994) BR255 Building Research Establishment 3
Planning and Building Standards Advice on Flooding PAN 69 Scottish Executive 3
Planning and Flooding, Scottish Planning Policy (2003) SPP7 Scottish Executive 3
Planning and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems PAN61 Scottish Executive 3
Polyethylene oil tanks and bunds for distillate fuel (1999) Technical Standard OFS T100 Oil Firing Technical Association 3
Positioning of flue terminals Technical Book 3 Oil Firing Technical Association 3
Preparing for Floods (2003) - ODPM 3
Prevention of Environmental Pollution from Agricultural Activity, Code of practice (2005) - Scottish Executive 3
Priority contaminants report CLR 8 Environment Agency 3
Radon: guidance on protection measures for new dwellings in Scotland (1999) BR376 Building Research Establishment 3
Radon in dwellings in Scotland:2008 Review and Atlas - Health Protection Agency (HPA) 3
Rainwater and greywater use in buildings: best practice guidance C539 CIRIA 3
Reed beds, BRE Good Building Guide 42, Parts 1 and 2 (2000) GBG 42 Building Research Establishment 3
Roofs and roofing – performance, diagnosis, maintenance, repair and avoidance of defects - Building Research Establishment 3
Room heaters with atomising or vapourising burners with or without boilers, heat output up to 25kW Applied Standard A102 Oil Firing Technical Association 3
Secondary model procedure for the development of appropriate soil sampling strategies for land contamination R&D Technical Report P5 Environment Agency 3
Sewers for Scotland (2001) - Water Research Council 3
Soakaway design (1991) BRE Digest 365 BRE Digest 365 3
Spillage of flue gases from solid fuel combustion appliances, Information Paper (1994) IP 7/94 Building Research Establishment 3
Standards for the repair of buildings following flooding C623 CIRIA 3
Standards of Training in Safe Gas Installations, Approved Code of practice - Health and Safety Commission 3
SUDS Advice Note – Brownfield Sites - SEPA 3
Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems: Design Manual for Scotland and Northern Ireland (2000) ISBN CIRIA 3
Technical aspects of site investigation R&D Technical report P5 Environment Agency 3
The official guide to approved solid fuel products and services (2004-2005) - HETAS 3
Thermal Insulation: Avoiding Risks, Report (2002) BR 262 Building Research Establishment 3
Underground storage tanks for liquid hydrocarbons - Scottish Executive 3
Wastewater recycling/reuse and Water conservation devices (1996) NSF 41 National Sanitation Foundation (USA) 3
Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme: Information and Guidance Note 9-02-04 9-02-05 WRAS 3

Table Appendix B.10. Section 4 - Safety

Title Reference Publisher Section
Accessible Thresholds in New Housing - DETR 4
Building Sight (1995) - RNIB 4
Code for Lighting (2002) - CIBSE 4
Code of Practice 1: 'Bulk LPG Storage at Fixed Installations - Part 4 - Buried / Mounded LPG Storage Vessels, as amended - UKLPG 4
Code of Practice 1: 'Bulk LPG Storage at Fixed Installations - Part 1 – ‘Design, Installation and Operation of Vessels Located Above Ground’, as amended. - UKLPG 4
Code of Practice 1: 'Bulk LPG Storage at Fixed Installations - Part 2 – ‘Small bulk Propane Installations for Domestic and Similar Purposes’, as amended - UKLPG 4
Code of Practice 24: 'Use of LPG cylinders': Part 1 - The Use of Propane in Cylinders at Residential Premises. - UKLPG 4
Guidance on the use of Tactile Paving Surfaces (1998) - The Scottish Office/DETR 4
Guidance to the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 - DEFRA 4
Housing for Varying Needs, Parts 1 and 2 - Communities Scotland 4
Inclusive Design - Planning Advice Note (2006) PAN 78 Scottish Executive 4
Inclusive Mobility (2002) - Department for Transport 4
Preventing hot water scalding in bathrooms: using TMVs IP 14/03 BRE 4
Safety in window cleaning using portable ladders (2003) MISC 613 HSE 4

Table Appendix B.11. Section 5 - Noise

Title Reference Publisher Section
Housing and sound insulation: Improving attached dwellings and designing for conversions (2006) - Arcamedia 5
Planning and Noise, Planning Advice Note (1999) PAN56 Scottish Executive 5
Review of Sound Insulation Performance in Scottish Domestic Construction - Scottish Executive 5
Scottish House Condition Survey, Scottish Homes (1996) - Communities Scotland 5
Sound Advice on Noise: don’t suffer in silence (2001) - Scottish Executive 5

Table Appendix B.12. Section 6 - Energy

Title Reference Publisher Section
Accredited Construction Details (Scotland) - Building Standards Division 6
A Practical Guide to Ductwork Leakage Testing DW/143 Building Engineering Services Association 6
Assessing Condensation Risk and Heat loss at Thermal Bridges around Openings (1994) IP 12/94 Building Research Establishment 6
Assessing the Effects of Thermal Bridging at Junctions and Around Openings IP 1/06 Building Research Establishment 6
BSRIA Commissioning Guides (various) - BSRIA 6
Building Energy Metering TM 39 Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers 6
Building Log Book Toolkit (2006) TM 31 Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers 6
CIBSE Commissioning Codes (various) - Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers 6
CIBSE Guide (2006) Section A3 Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers 6
Code for Lighting - Society of Light and Lighting 6
Conventions For Calculating Linear Thermal Transmittance and Temperature Factors’ BR 497 Building Research Establishment 6
Conventions for U-value calculations (2006) BR 443 Building Research Establishment 6
Design for Improved Solar Shading Control’ 2006 TM 37 Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers  
Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide for Scotland - Building Standards Division 6
Energy Efficiency Best Practice in Housing publication - Effective use of insulation in dwellings, September 2003 CE23 Energy Saving Trust 6
Energy efficient lighting - guidance for installers and specifiers CE 61 Energy Saving Trust 6
iSBEM User Guide - Building Research Establishment (for CLG) 6
Low Energy Domestic Lighting GIL 20 Energy Saving Trust 6
Measuring Air Permeability of Building Envelopes TS 1 ATTMA 6
Metal Cladding: assessing the performance of built-up systems which use Z-spacers, Information Paper IP 10/02 Building Research Establishment 6
Metal Cladding: U-value calculation: Assessing thermal performance of built-up metal roof and wall cladding systems using rail and bracket spacers, 2002 P312 Steel Construction Institute 6
Non-Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide for Scotland - Building Standards Division 6
Non-Domestic Lighting (2009) GBG 61 Part 3 Building Research Establishment 6
People and Lighting Controls IP 6/96 Building Research Establishment 6
Reducing Overheating – A Designer’s Guide CE 129 Building Research Establishment 6
SAP 2012 - Building Research Establishment 6
SBSA Technical Handbook - ‘Conservatories’ - Building Standards Division 6
SBSA Technical Guide: ’U- values’ - Building Standards Division 6
Selecting Lighting Controls Digest 498 Building Research Establishment 6
Specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork DW/144 HVCA 6
Thermal Insulation: Avoiding Risks, Report (2002) BR 262 Building Research Establishment 6

Table Appendix B.13. Section 7 - Sustainability

Title Reference Publisher Section
CIBSE Guide: An Environmental Design (2006) - CIBSE 7
BRE Digest 309, 310: Estimating daylight in buildings - BRE 7
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