Building standards: performance framework for verifiers 2024

Key performance outcomes used to monitor the work of building standards local authority verifiers.

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Annex A

5. Key Performance Outcome 3 – Building Standards Customer Charter template

Purpose of the Building Standards Customer Charter:

The Building Standards Customer Charter provides information about the standards of service that all verifiers should meet. This gives customers the reassurance that a consistent, high quality service will be delivered no matter which verifier provides the service.

It is divided into two parts: 1) National Charter; and 2) Local Charter.

Part 1: National Charter

Our Aims:

To grant building warrants and accept completion certificates:

  • To secure the health, safety, welfare and convenience of persons in and about buildings and others who may be affected by buildings or matters connected with buildings
  • Furthering the conservation of fuel and power
  • Furthering the achievement of sustainable development.

Our vision/values:

To provide a professional and informative service to all our customers.

Our Commitments:

Nationally all verifiers will:

1. Seek to minimise the time it takes for customers to obtain a building warrant or amendment to a building warrant.

2. Ensure continuous improvement around the robustness of verification assessments to ensure compliance.

3. Meet and seek to exceed customer expectations.

4. Carry out local customer satisfaction research, such as surveys, focus groups etc.

5. Address feedback obtained through local and national customer satisfaction research (including a National Customer Satisfaction Survey) to improve the customer experience.

6. Provide information on local formal complaints procedures, the LABSS Dispute Resolution Process, and the BSD Customer Performance Reporting Service, and refer customers as appropriate.

7. Provide accurate financial data that is evidence-based.

8. Engage and participate in partnership working at local and national level to identify and embed service improvements at a national level.

9. Work collaboratively with the Scottish Building Standards Hub.

10. Adhere to a national annual verification performance report outlining our objectives, targets and performance.

11. Fully adhere to the commitments outlined in this Charter (including information on customer dissatisfaction in relation to building warrant processing timescales, processes and technical interpretation).

12. Use a consistent format for continuous improvement plans.

Our targets:

[Verifier to include the national targets]


National information on the verification performance framework can be found at the Scottish Government website

Part 2: Local Charter

[Verifier to add their own local customer charter]



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