Building standards (fire safety) - external wall systems: consultation

This consultation seeks views on a ban of the highest risk cladding materials on new buildings and to give further consideration to façade system testing. Any changes will be introduced through amendments to building regulations and supporting guidance in Section 2: fire of the technical handbooks.

Part 1: Mandatory standard 2.7 (spread on external walls)


Two expert review panel meetings were held in December 2020 and March 2021. These first two meetings focussed on changes to mandatory standard 2.7 spread on external walls and the banning of the highest risk cladding materials. At the review panel meeting on 12 March 2021, members suggested changes to the wording of mandatory standard 2.7, to provide clarity of intent taking into account current guidance.

"Every building must be designed and constructed in such a way that in the event of an outbreak of fire within the building, or from an external source, the spread of fire on the external walls of the building is inhibited, does not unduly promote fire spread taking into account the height and use of the building."

Question 1: It is proposed to remove the words "is inhibited" in the mandatory standard which is considered to be ambiguous and replace the words with the text in bold to provide clarity of intent in the supporting guidance. Do you:

Strongly agree ☐

Agree ☐

Neither agree nor disagree ☐

Disagree ☐

Strongly Disagree ☐

Please select only one answer and provide your reasoning in the box below. If you disagree or strongly disagree, please provide any suggestions below on how the current standard could be improved.




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