Building a New Scotland: an independent Scotland in the EU - easy read

Easy read version of the Scottish Government's vision for independent Scotland in the EU.

Building a New Scotland - An independent Scotland in the European Union (EU) - Easy Read Version

The Scottish Government believes that becoming an independent country and re-joining the European Union (EU) would be better for Scotland.

This will give us the chance to get back what we lost because of Brexit.

Scotland, the UK, and EU

Having our own Scottish Parliament has shown us the good things we can do when Scotland makes its own decisions.

In 2014 people in Scotland voted to decide if Scotland should be an independent country. People were told that voting “No” would mean Scotland stayed in the EU.

Scotland shares the same values as the EU. These are human dignity (respect), freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, and human rights.

This was made clear when most people in Scotland voted to remain in the EU in 2016.

Brexit has led us to discuss Scotland being independent and part of the EU.

This paper shows how Brexit has made Scotland lose out in many ways.

Scotland is no longer part of the European single market. It cannot use the EU’s trading relationships across the world. The people of Scotland have lost their right to live, work and study in the EU.

Scotland is the only country that has been taken out of the EU and its single market against the wishes of most of its people.

The benefits of EU membership to Scotland

Evidence shows that EU membership has lots of benefits. It would:

  • allow free movement of goods, services, money, and people. Scottish companies would be able to do more business, more easily with more customers.
  • provide more opportunities for training and jobs in Scotland. People from across the EU could also come and work here, helping our businesses and public services.
  • let us share our culture, knowledge and ideas and work with other nations in the EU to make life better for people in Scotland.
  • let us work with other countries and the EU institutions to make EU laws. We could also work closely together to fight global problems like climate change.
  • make Scotland safer by working closely with police in the EU to help fight cross- border crime and threats.

Scotland has lots to offer the EU as a member state

Scotland also has a lot to give to the EU. For example:

  • Scotland’s renewable energy, research and ideas could help the EU with the natural resources and technology to fight climate change.
  • Scotland has world class colleges and universities which welcome students from EU countries.
  • Scotland’s culture would be an important part of the EU.

The Scottish Government shares the EU’s goals for a fairer and greener society.

Independence is the way back into the EU

Being an independent country in the EU would still allow Scotland to continue good relationships with the other nations of the UK.

The Scottish Government plans for an independent Scotland to re-join the EU as soon as possible.

This paper sets out how Scotland would rejoin the EU. Scotland already has most of what it needs to apply to become an EU member. Scotland is in a good position to go through the application process quickly.

Most people in Scotland did not want to leave the EU. Independence is the way to get back in.



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