Building Community Wealth in Scotland: consultation analysis

Independent consultation analysis report of the Community Wealth Building legislation consultation.


1. Available from the Economic Development Association Scotland's website

2. Available from the Scottish Land Commission website

3. The Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI) Business Purpose Commission report 'Now is the time for purpose' is available online.

4. The Shared Policy Programme (SPP) setting out policy positions and commitments that the Scottish Government and the Scottish Green Party Parliamentary Group agree should be delivered was part of the Bute House Agreement. The SPP commitment to develop a CWB Bill includes: working within and developing procurement practices to support local economies, including SMEs and micro- businesses, and improved access to training and labour markets for disadvantaged communities and individuals; encouraging public kitchens, including school canteens, to source more food produced by local businesses and organic producers; and where possible, to base public sector capital and revenue funding decisions on targeted social, economic and environmental outcomes.'

5. However, it should be noted that Community Benefit and shared ownership are voluntary arrangements that are not considered in the planning process, so seeking them through Section 75 would not be possible.

6. The Volunteer Charter sets out the ten key principles which help to underpin good relations within a volunteering environment

7. The Ownerless Property Transfer Scheme (OPTS) consultation paper is available online

8. 'Sleeving' is the process whereby the electricity supplier acts as an agent on behalf of the buyer to manage the offtake from the generator's asset and provides provision for the electricity to be included in the wider supply contract.

9. 'Now is the time for purpose' is available online

10. The Better Business Act – see for details.

11. It should be noted that financial regulation – including specifically in relation to credit unions and CDFIs - is a reserved matter. As such, the Scottish Government would have to work with the UK Government to progress any specific legislative proposals.



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