British Sign Language (BSL): National Plan 2017 to 2023

Plan setting out actions to help ensure deaf and deafblind BSL users are fully involved in all aspects of daily and public life.


Our long-term goal: BSL users* will be fully involved in democratic and public life in Scotland, as active and informed citizens, as voters, as elected politicians and as board members of our public bodies.

By 2020, Scottish Ministers will:

Evaluate the Access to Elected Office Fund (Scotland) used in the Local Government elections in 2017 to ensure that it meets the needs of BSL users* who wish to stand for selection and election, and make any necessary changes in time for the next Scottish Parliament election in 2021.

Work with election organisations, political parties and BSL users* to ensure that the needs of BSL users* are being met, enabling them to participate fully in politics.

Work with the Electoral Commission in ensuring improved information about voting for BSL users* is made available in time for the next Scottish Parliament election in 2021 and review whether it has been effective.

Work with the political parties, encouraging them to produce election information in BSL in time for the next Scottish Parliament election in 2021.

Promote public appointments as a way of participating in public life by producing information about public appointments in BSL, and promoting public appointments specifically to BSL users*.

wEnsure that the Scottish Government guidance about board appointments includes specific reference to BSL users*.


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