Breastfeeding peer support core principles for volunteering in Scotland: guidance

This is a quality standard framework for health boards and third sector organisations to apply to their peer support services.

Appendix 6: Online safety and security

Where possible secure systems are the preferred option. Platforms which are not as secure, for example zoom, are being utilised for online groups. The following principles ensure the safety and security of mothers and the need for clarity with families.

Individual support

Individual support can include a breastfeeding assessment and/or observation of a breastfeed. For this purpose a secure site, for example Near Me, is the preferred option.

Where another platform is used for individual support the mother should be advised that the link may not be secure and there is a need for consent to continue the call.

Online groups

Mothers are asked to register for the online group meeting and complete a registration form. The mother then receives a link to the meeting. There is guidance for online meetings available and these can be used or adapted as required.


Mothers who are supported through individual calls or online groups should be advised about the need for data collection and the purpose of this data collection. An example is given below:

'We collect information on those who attend our meetings so that we can contact you about future meetings and updates. Registers are kept for one year and then destroyed, and so we will not retain your written contact information for longer than one year from when you last attend a meeting'.



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