Born into care in Scotland: circumstances, recurrence and pathways

The report was commissioned as it is important to understand more about the circumstances in which removal of babies shortly after birth takes place in Scotland, and the work undertaken with parents to prevent separation where possible, and the children’s pathways and permanence outcomes.


The authors would like to thank policy and practice colleagues within the Children and Families Directorate, Scottish Government, particularly Tara Clark, Felicity Sung, Fiona McKinlay, Carolyn Wilson, Lorraine Harris and Sophie Rodgers for their support with this project.

We are grateful to Scottish Government for funding this research. The project developed following a workshop with policy makers, practitioners and academics held in February 2019 and funded by a grant from the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account at Lancaster University. The work builds on previous research, led by the Centre for Child and Family Justice Research at Lancaster University, and the team are grateful to colleagues, including Claire Mason and Bachar Alrouh, for their support with this project. The report was independently peer-reviewed, and we are grateful to the external reviewers for their helpful comments.

In addition, we are particularly grateful to SCRA for partnering with us. Aggregate data was provided by Donald Lamb, Data Manager, with information extracted from case files by Dr Gillian Henderson, Information and Research Manager.

The Scottish Government funded this project, but the views expressed are those of the authors.



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