Better Health, Better Care: Action Plan: What It Means For You

The Better Health, Better Care: Action Plan for NHSScotland was launched in December 2007. This followed a very wide consultation with the people of Scotland. Better Health, Better Care: Action Plan: What It Means For You summarises the main areas of the Action Plan and sets out the key actions which will lead to better health and better care for all the people of Scotland.

An Efficient and Environmentally-friendly Service…

We want to make sure that every penny of tax-payers' money spent on the NHS is put to good use.

We're continuing with established methods of monitoring efficiency in the service and introducing some new ones to make sure you get value for money for your investment in the NHS. We'll continue to invest in new information technology to help services become more efficient.

We're also aware that many people are concerned about the environmental impact of the NHS. Each NHS board in Scotland has to report every year on its use of gas and electricity, how much toxic gas is emitted from its buildings, how much water it uses, how it disposes of clinical waste and how much of its by-products are being recycled.

The service has managed to achieve an almost 40% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions over the last 20 years. We're determined to ensure it makes similar advances in other ways of protecting the environment and in sustaining natural resources as we move forward.

We'll also ensure that any new NHS buildings reflect environmental considerations in their design.

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