Tackling child poverty delivery plan 2022-2026 - annex 10: island communities impact assessment

Results of our island communities impact assessment (ICIA) on the development of the second tackling child poverty delivery plan 2022 to 2026.


1. 'Improving our understanding of child poverty in rural and island Scotland', SRUC, forthcoming

2. Not including a small number of islands that are connected with the mainland

3. ONS, published October 2021, data January – December 2019, Children by the combined economic activity status of household members by local authority

4. Note ONS data for Shetland and Orkney states that sample sizes are too small to provide an estimate, but percentages of working households and mixed households (where at least one person aged 16 and over is in employment and at least one other is either unemployed or inactive, combine to 100%)

5. Expansion of Early Learning and Childcare – Reinstatement of 1140 statutory duty – Island Communities Impact Assessment

6. Glass, J., Bynner, C. and Chapman, C. (2020) Children and young people and rural poverty and social exclusion: A review of evidence


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