Unscheduled care - professional to professional decision support: guidance

This best practice guidance will help effective clinical communication and support shared decision making, with the aim of accessing alternatives to hospital attendance or admission where appropriate and safe to do so.


This document aims to:

  • Support the design and implementation of a professional to professional clinical decision support approach
  • Describe the benefits of effective professional to professional communication in the delivery of patient care
  • Provide examples of successful models of professional to professional service implementation
  • Underpin the RUC Programme to support right care in the right place at the right time as well as the Scottish Government's vision to deliver care closer to home; whilst allowing local flexibility in a way that best fits local challenges and available care provision

This document is designed to open dialogue, encourage collaboration and support improved integration between the following key stakeholders:

  • Primary Care Services e.g. General Practice, Out of Hours and Community Pharmacy
  • Secondary Care e.g. Emergency Departments, Ambulatory Assessment areas and Acute Admission Units
  • Health and Social Care Partnerships
  • Scottish Ambulance Service
  • Mental Health Services
  • Third Sector Organisations



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