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Being Effective - What NHS Non-Executive Directors Need to Know

Published: 4 Nov 2015
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Resource booklet for NHSScotland Board Members, with an interest in governance.

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36 page PDF

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Being Effective - What NHS Non-Executive Directors Need to Know
Learning and Development

36 page PDF

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Learning and Development

Whilst all Non-Executive Directors of NHS Boards will meet the essential criteria for the role, they will all join with different levels of knowledge, understanding and experience of what the role actually entails. It is therefore important that, following induction, Non-Executive Directors think about their skill set and what they might still need to develop.

Development plan and appraisal

All Non-Executive Directors should have an annual performance appraisal with the Chair of the NHS Board. In addition to this, it is good practice for Non-Executives to have regular discussions with their NHS Board Chair to discuss development and skills gaps throughout the year.

It is important to remember that development comes in different forms. Not all development opportunities will be formal courses. There is much to be gained from ‘learning on the job’, setting up informal shadowing opportunities and practical experience. Development activities can be tailored by individual NHS Boards in accordance to individual needs.

Networking and events

There are opportunities for Non-Executive Directors to network and share experiences. There is an established network for those who are involved in clinical governance, facilitated by NHS Healthcare Improvement Scotland. Providing networking opportunities has been made a priority for future work of the NHS Board Chair’s Quality Portfolio Group.

Social directory

Everyone with an Athens username is encouraged to complete their profile on the Knowledge Network’s social directory People Connect, Use this service to make connections with people, exchange information and share knowledge. The NHSScotland mentoring system also uses this platform.

Further information

Other resource booklets available or in development for Non-Executive Directors in this series are:

  • Good Governance
  • Data Measurement and Improvement Science
  • Quality, Efficiency and Value
  • Innovation
  • Health Inequalities

What Non-Executive Directors can do to support their own learning and development

  • Be pro-active and consider your own learning and development needs.
  • Make sure you have regular discussions with the NHS Board Chair about your performance, not just at appraisal.
  • Seek out development opportunities – if you want to shadow a more experienced
    Non-Executive Director or visit another NHS Board, ask for this to be arranged.

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