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Scotland's Baby Box pilot: development research

Published: 19 Jun 2017

Early research carried out by Kantar TNS with parents last summer, ahead of the Baby Box pilots in Clackmannanshire and Orkney.

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Scotland's Baby Box pilot: development research
3. Research Method and Sample

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3. Research Method and Sample

To investigate these research questions, a mixed methodology was used. Qualitative research involved 23 in-depth interviews which were carried out with parents, in their homes (one interview was carried out in a community facility.) Researchers used a semi-structured topic guide to make sure the research aims and objectives were fully covered in the interviews, which lasted around one hour. Parents were shown a sample Baby Box, with typical contents - along with photos of possible items. They were encouraged to open the Box and examine the contents fully.

The qualitative sample comprised parents of babies aged up to one year old. They represented the full range of Baby Box's audience, covering all socio economic groups and a range of urban, rural and semi-rural locations across Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee). Sampling focused on Baby Box's core audience of mothers from groups C2DE. Free-find recruitment techniques were used.

Additionally, quantification of 5 key questions was provided through Kantar TNS's partnership with Google Consumer Surveys. The online survey was open from 16 to 19 October 2016.

Table 3.1: Qualitative, In-depth Interview Sample

Group Total Respondents Mothers Fathers
AB 4 3 1
C1 4 3 1
C2 5 4 1
D 5 4 1
E 5 4 1
Total 23 18 5

Online survey questionnaires were completed by 226 people in Scotland who are, or whose partner is, currently expecting a baby, or who already have a baby aged under 2 years old. The final sample was weighted to be representative of the profile of parents of children aged 0-2 in GB.

Table 3.2: Quantitative Sample

Base: 226 Unweighted % Weighted %
Male 42 33
Female 49 58
Refused 9 9
18-24 16 11
25-34 33 49
35+ 42 31
Refused 9 9
Social Grade
ABC1 51 40
C2DE 31 40
Refused 19 20


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