Attitudes to family formation in Scotland

This report summarises the findings of two research studies commissioned externally by the Ministerial Population Taskforce on attitudes to family formation and ideal family size in Scotland. It includes the full report of the qualitative research exploring barriers and enablers of ideal family size


Collectively, the two studies provide new insights on general attitudes to family formation in Scotland, along with how and why these may be changing. The work provides a rich level of data to demonstrate the range of factors which influence individual's decision to start, expand, choose not to have a family. These include financial, housing, personal, and wider societal factors. The findings from these two studies reinforce the complex interactions between these factors. As part of delivering its Population Strategy, the Scottish Government will continue to build evidence where possible to help to better understand the trends and drivers shaping demographic change in Scotland. This will include working with partners including the National Records of Scotland, the independent Expert Advisory Group on Migration and Population, and other partners.



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