High rise buildings - firefighting arrangements: report

HM Fire Service Inspectorate (HMFSI) report assessing the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service's (SFRS's) arrangements and readiness to fight fires in high rise buildings in Scotland. It contains areas of good practice and recommendations where there is scope to improve performance.

Action on Issues

160. The SFRS has had a major focus on cladding issues and a good awareness. The Service issued a briefing to its staff regarding buildings where there were fire related issues with cladding, and generally followed national guidance that was produced. Some blocks of flats were the subject of specific action, which included the introduction of a 'waking watch', due to the type of cladding system in place. Site specific procedures were put in place and the situation was well monitored by the SFRS with a view to safeguarding residents and workers while remediation was carried out.

161. The Scottish Government approach following the Grenfell fire and in response to the GTI Phase 1 report is well documented on the Scottish Government website[18] The Scottish Government adopted a partnership approach[19] when examining the Phase 1 report. The SFRS was involved in this partnership approach, along with representatives from Scottish Government, Building Standards, Safer Communities, Housing and other agencies. The SFRS was tasked with considering those recommendations in the GTI Phase 1 report that refer to FRSs.

162. The SFRS assessed those GTI recommendations, and created a gap analysis and action plan. The Service created its own working group to action these issues along with separate issues identified by London Fire Brigade. The progress of the internal group along with the progress of the wider Grenfell related partnership work was the subject of regular updates to the SFRS management and Board.

163. The Service is a member of a Scottish Government partnership working group on Phase 2 of the GTI and has established its own 'High Rise Continuous Improvement Group' to monitor GTI developments and learn from other significant fires.

Good Practice

The SFRS is a very effective partner in the joint response in Scotland to the GTI outcomes.


Email: HMFSI@gov.scot

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