Aquaculture and Fisheries Bill Equality Impact Assessment

Equality Impact Assessment for the Aquaculture and Fisheries Bill


Policy title

Aquaculture and Fisheries (Scotland) Bill - introduction of statutory carcass tagging for salmon

Which national outcome(s) does the policy contribute to?

We value and enjoy our built and natural environment and protect it and enhance it for future generations.

What is the purpose of the policy (or changes which are to be made to the policy)?

The purpose of the policy is to enhance the traceability of salmon by ensuring that a tag with information on the fishery is attached to the carcasses of salmon as soon as possible after the fish is caught and to improve voluntary compliance with the existing legislative framework including the ban on the sale of rod caught fish.

Name of Branch or Division

Performance, Aquaculture and Recreational Fisheries Division, Salmon and Recreational Fisheries Branch

Directorate or Agency

Directorate for Marine Scotland

Lead EQIA official

Catriona Graham

I confirm that the impact of applying the policy has been sufficiently assessed against the needs of the equality duty:

Name and job title of a Deputy Director or equivalent
Willie Cowan
Head of Performance, Aquaculture and Recreational Fisheries

Date authorisation given

Once signed off, you MUST file and store this EQIA on e RDM as a corporate record.


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