Aquaculture: external review of the current regulatory processes involved in fish farming

Details of the appointment and terms of references of the external review of the regulatory process involved in fish farming announced by the Scottish Government

Handline the external review of the regulatory framework

Illustrative phasing of the work

The below phasing is illustrative;

Phase one [framing the issues]

Establishment - August

  • SG sets remit, principles and criteria;
  • SG appoints initial reviewer.

Evidence gathering -  November/December:

  • SG evidence paper on initiatives to-date 
  • initial stakeholder engagement
  • identification of issues
  • recommendations on further work required     

Phase two

Efficiency and effectiveness (including research and analysis) - summer 2022:

  • consultancy (i) on international comparators
  • consultancy (ii) on the efficiency of the system
  • institutional engagement;
  • recommendations for change within the current framework

Phase three   

Roles and responsibilities - late summer 2021: 

  •  consultancy (iii) on reform options
  • recommendations on options for fundamental reform
  • rublic consultation etc. thereafter
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