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Appropriate Adults: guidance for local authorities

Published: 10 Jan 2020
Justice Directorate
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Guidance for local authorities about their statutory duties relating to the provision of Appropriate Adult services.

Appropriate Adults: guidance for local authorities
4. Training Appropriate Adults

4. Training Appropriate Adults

4.1 Local authorities are responsible for ensuring the provision of suitable training for Appropriate Adults in its area and must have regard to the guidance in this section when undertaking this function. If a local authority enters into a contract with another person, the local authority should ensure that the other person is under an obligation to have regard to this guidance to the extent that it is relevant.

4.2 As with delivery of Appropriate Adult services, the 2019 Regulations allow local authorities flexibility to tailor training provision to suit local needs. Specifically, regulation 6(2) of the 2019 Regulations allows local authorities to work in partnership with other local authorities / organisations and enter into contracts with third parties to provide training to Appropriate Adults.

4.3 As set out in the “Management of Appropriate Adult services” section, above, local authorities should ensure that Appropriate Adult services have a management structure in place to support, supervise and develop the local Appropriate Adult team. This includes ensuring that suitable training and development opportunities are provided to those carrying out the role of Appropriate Adult.

4.4 Section 102(1)(a) of the 2016 Act allows for the Appropriate Adult training provider to make recommendations about Appropriate Adult provision to the person discharging the function of delivering Appropriate Adult services. Under the model which has been implemented, it will be for the local management structures, which should include local authorities and other relevant partners, to make recommendations to the local authorities, as providers of Appropriate Adult services.

4.5 The Scottish Government has established a stakeholder group to develop a national Appropriate Adult training framework. This framework will build on existing training and identify good practice which should be incorporated into local Appropriate Adult training across the country. The work of this group is ongoing and this guidance will be revised to take account of the framework when it is implemented.

4.6 Local authorities are expected to ensure that, in the interim period, suitable training and development is in place for Appropriate Adults. This should include:

  • Initial training
  • Refresher training
  • Ongoing support and development (including regular team meetings / briefings and one-to-one discussions)

4.7 The existing Scottish Appropriate Adult Network (SAAN) training pack or equivalent should be used as the basis of training for Appropriate Adults until the national training framework is implemented.

4.8 The management structure of each Appropriate Adult service should ensure that training needs of the local Appropriate Adult service are identified and that training is tailored to address these needs.

4.9 The management structure should also ensure that the training includes inputs from relevant partners and organisations. This may include the police, legal and health professionals, communication specialists, third sector support organisations and service users.

4.10 Feedback from any of the above groups should be considered by the management structure and, if required, incorporated into local training.