Appointment of Queen's Counsel in Scotland 2020

A report by Jessica Burns, an independent observer that has been engaged by the Scottish Government to report on the fairness and objectivity of the process for the Appointment of Queen's Counsel in Scotland.

Review of the Process of Recommendation for Appointment

I was provided with the following:

  • Guide for Applicants 
  • All application forms
  • Equality Act 2000 monitoring forms
  • References
  • Applicant Self-assessment forms
  • Assessments by senators
  • Copy advertisements in the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland and Scottish Legal News appearing in March 2020 
  • Copies of emails announcing to potential applicants the current round of appointments

The Lord Justice General confirmed that once again he had consulted with the Dean of the Faculty of Advocates, the President of the Law Society of Scotland and the Lord Advocate regarding the appointment process. 

I carefully considered the terms of the Guide for Applicants and all the relevant documentation.



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