Adult Protection Committees biennial reports 2012-14: summary report

Report summarising the findings from the Adult Protection Committees (APCs) biennial reports covering the years 2012-14.

Communication and Cooperation between Agencies

22. Convenors were asked to comment on any joint strategy for adult protection; on the joint procedures for adult protection, (including the extent to which these were developed jointly, are jointly owned, and adopted, and readily available to staff in all the agencies involved in the partnership); and the joint training strategy. Convenors were also asked to attempt an evaluation of the level of communication and cooperation in practice.

23. In some areas there was strong evidence of joint working, for example Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray share a Convenor and a Grampian Interagency Policy and Procedure for the Support and Protection of Adults at Risk of Harm under which the three councils, NHS Grampian, Police Scotland and other partners work together on a consistent Grampian approach. This is underpinned by the Grampian wide adult support and protection training programme.

24. Several reports drew attention to the fact that health and social care integration will change the way that Local Authorities and the NHS work together and will therefore have an impact for Adult Support and Protection Committees.


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