Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Act 2004: noise nuisance guidance

Guidance on noise nuisance.

Guidance on Noise Nuisance

Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Act 2004

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References and Further information
Context and Background
The Scottish Legislation
Recent Research and Permitted Levels
Underlying level of noise
Summary of Feedback of Local Authority tele survey
Training Needs
Development of a Management Guide
Stage 1 of Investigation
Stage I Outcomes
Stage 2 of Investigation
Barking dogs and domestic/car intruder alarms
Sound insulation
Civil Rights
Stage 2 Outcomes
Stage 3 Investigation
ASB Assessment and Measurement
ASB Warning Notice
ASB Noise Offence
ASB Fixed Penalty Notice
Powers of Entry and Seizure
Stage 3 Outcomes
Alignment of ASB Part 5 Noise Issues and ASB Part 1 Local Strategies
Model 1 (Direct Action by noise Response Team)
Model 2 (Combined Direct and Delayed Action by NRT)
Model 3 (Delayed NRT Action)
ASB Noise complaints Monitoring
List of Annexes
Annex 1-
Local authority completed tele-survey forms
Annex 2 - Additional information provided by local authorities:
Annex 3 - Belfast City Council Warning Notice
Annex 4 -
nncC-possible service levels- for access to complete ASB NMG research report:
Annex 5 - Measurement Protocol
Annex 6 -
Summary of Instrumentation Requirements
Annex 7 -
Option Matrix Management Guide Summary
Annex 8 -
Suggested protocol for obtaining a warrant


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